Get to know the famous volcanic wines of Santorini

Your stay in the “vineyard” of Santorini couldn’t not include the taste tasting of its famous wines. On its soils, a very special vineyard grows which is very different from normal ones, we would say… unreal!



The Santorini vineyard with a history of 3,000 years, is arid, that is, very few vineyards are watered when they are in their infancy. The pruning and shaping system is called a bun or basket and is applied only on the island. The grapes stay in the vineyard which acts as protection from the wind and the sun. Its soil is also very special and looks like holystone.

The most famous variety of wine is none other than Assyrtiko, where the whole production is based. It is no coincidence that it is the most famous Greek wine in the world. Some winemakers on the island attach great importance to the cultivation of this variety. They plow the ground with animals, the so-called “mating”. Another very popular species is Aidani, which produces an aromatic and elegant wine.

The bad news about the Santorini vineyard is that it is shrinking year by year, due to the huge competition for tourism development. So the big bet is to stay alive after 30-40 years.



One of the unique heritages that Santorini has. A world-class wine, sweet as liqueur, from sun-dried grapes of at least 8 days. It matures for many years in old barrels to acquire a special fan of aromas of nuts, raisins, spices, chocolate, dried figs and much more. Its acidity is characterized as balanced, so it is a sweet drink, without decreasing!



Red wine with 14% alcohol and a characteristic rough taste.



White wine from the Assyrtiko variety. The same day the grapes are harvested, the same day they are pressed. The must is then kneaded in wooden barrels.


Factors that make volcanic wines unique

Unique grape varieties have been preserved in the volcanic soils, offering unique flavors in relation to international wines. Phylloxera (a destructive insect) never reached them.

Soil wines with lava, pumice, ash and many other elements vary, but most are characterized by high acidity, unique aromas and salty flavors.


To get an overview of the island’s wines, all you have to do is visit the Wine Museum which occupies a natural cave. Book a place at the excellent Wine Tour which starts from the Venetsanou winery in Megalochori. Alternatively you can participate in FOOD AND WINE TASTING for a complete culinary experience!