Riding on the black beach-Breaths of coolness and serenity on the backs of beautiful horses!

Island breeze, sea shore, light waves and a wonderful horse to accompany you on your ride! The sandy black beach or the beach of Eros will become the reference point of an unforgettable experience and emotional bond with one of the most likeable and friendly animals on the planet.

Both the horse and you – under the supervision of experienced riding instructors – will enjoy the coolness of the sea, the view and the moment. If you are on the island of Santorini, do not miss this event!

Horses are by nature calm and sensitive animals. The feeling of freedom you feel on their backs cannot be easily described in words. The enjoyment of horseback riding, especially by the beach, is unique for you and your horse enjoying every minute. Even if you fall, you will cool off in the sea water, while during the walk, you will have the opportunity to capture in photography some truly unique moments.


To whom it refers

To everyone regardless of age! It can be an alternative outing in nature for groups and family or a romantic walk for couples in love.


No previous riding experience is required

All you need is your love for freedom and horses. Our guides will show you everything you need to know. Wear comfortable and cool clothes and leave yourself in the horse’s arms.


Extra info

The tour starts from the stables at the cape, where you have the opportunity to admire the unique vineyards of Santorini, through traditional paths that were created after the big eruption of the volcano and are still preserved! These small cobbled streets are a wonderful location to admire the island landscape, ending up at the famous beach.

For your participation in the trip, Horse riding on the black beach, you will need your sunscreen, your swimsuit and a lot of appetite!