The magical moment of the sunset in Santorini …Where to stand and see it!

It is not a simple view from above, it is a life experience that you can gaze at every day for the duration of your vacation on the island. We are talking about the Santorini sunset, the No1 sunset on the earth!

When the day ends with the most magical colors of this image, then your vacation, undoubtedly, acquires another meaning. The palette of shades that color the sky starts from deep red and yellow, while orange and purple irises are formed reflecting light in the sea, which is calm at this time. As the sun touches the water it turns golden while the volcanic landscape makes the moment even more impressive. You lose your mind and… restart, in order to face the coming Winter!


Where do you have to stand to enjoy it?


Oia Castle

Oia is the famous place for the sunset, since as soon as the sun starts to fall, it is flooded with people. Everyone is waiting for the sun to touch the sea to applaud as usual. The view from the castle is breathtaking!



In the village of Pyrgos and specifically in café Franco (the highest point of the island!) You can enjoy the moment when the sun goes down, while enjoying your favorite cocktail with sounds of classical music.



For a more “quiet” sunset, we recommend Akrotiri, which does not gather as much people as Oia does and its view is breathtaking.



The most affordable option, if you have just returned from the activities of the day and want to admire the sunset from the heart of Santorini.



The highest village of the island with an altitude of 330m. and a traditional settlement that follows strict urban planning rules. The landscape of both the village combined with the view, will make want you go again and again. Before Imerovigli is the village of Firostefani where you can also wait to see the moment when the sun shines.


Vlychada Beach

When you visit the beach, wait until the moment of the sunset and you will be compensated!


Enjoy an even more “organized” moment of the sunset, choosing Sunset Wine Tour- SemiPrivate, tasting the most famous local wines from a winery perched on the rocks of the caldera where you will admire the sunset with the taste of wine. Alternatively if you are a large group, through the Private Sunset cruise by MotorYacht Azimut 43, you will spend your day on a luxury yacht going to the best beaches and tasting local cuisine, while at the end you will enjoy the view of the sunset that takes your breath away through the sea.